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Hurray for New Beginnings

(November 4 sharing what was posted in my personal Facebook timeline)

Today marks the first day for our company, RESULTS REALTY as an independent company! Our main office is still in the same place, in Hudson and a second office was added in Leominster. Soon, maybe, another even closer to home :) Stay tuned. My phone number, email and social media remain the same yet there is something about new beginnings that cause me to be anxious and excited at the same time! Its been almost 20 years since I became a Realtor and I am thankful that the majority of my business has grown from the trust and referrals of friends, attorneys, local business people and former clients. Working with a group of awesome agents and a broker who sets high standards, creates an opportunity for me to continue to serve the community in a way that feels right for me personally - it is important for me to work within a framework that offers a chance to learn and grow and maintain my own identity while still being part of a larger network. It's even more important to me at this time of my life that I surround myself with good human beings, clients and co-brokes and industry partners, people who care about their communities, who respect others for their differences and unique talents, who celebrate the success of others, share their knowledge and teach whenever possible, so we can learn from each others experiences and even our mistakes. In this season of gratitude, I have so much to be thankful for! - Donna Moy-Bruno

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